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Do or Die trying - SUPER JOE'S ROCKET BIKE JUMP - Target Date(s): TBD.
Super Joe's Rocket Bike jump over the Snake River Canyon is targeted to take place on the anniversary of Evel Knievel’s attempt in 1974.
He will perform the jump in front of a ‘Live' Pay-Per-View television audience and spectators at the Snake River Canyon jump site.
Super joe has teamed with "Mad" Mike Hughes to design and construct three custom rocket motorcycles that will jump the canyon.
Joe's team of stunt professionals, rocket engineers, Promoters and TV Producers assures viewers an event spectacular.
The viewers will enjoy the weekend leading up to the jump that will be filled with live action packed motor racing, stunt competitions
and exhibitions hosted by industry experts and celebrity talent.


Prototype Animatic for Super Joe's Rocket Bike jump across the Snake River Canyon

Rocket Bike Jump    

Creator: Super Joe Reed
Contact producer: Joseph Barmettler

Rocket Bike Jump Super Joe Reed

    Joe's Rocket Bike prototype (built by Mike Hughes)  
  Evel Kneivel's rocket bike 1974  
  Evel knievel's rocket bike from 1974 Evel Knievel's failed 1974 rocket jump (Discovery)  


Performed Within 24 hours, on December 19th & 20th, 2001. These stunts have never been attempted anywhere in the world before.
Stunts Performed By:

  • 1-Male-Helicopter Pilot, Rick Shuster
  • 1-Male-Daredevil, "Super Joe” Reed
  • 2 Female Motorcycle Daredevils, Heidi Henry & Jamie Pamituan (the only females in the world brave enough to attempt stunts equal to that of a man)
  1. Female #1. (Heidi Henry) solo jump over a canyon, ramp-to-ground. Canyon width: 72’, jump distance: 87’: date 12/19/01.
  2. Female #2 (Jamie Pamituan) solo jump over a canyon, ramp-to-ground. Canyon width: 79’, jump distance: 98’: date 12/19/01.
  3. Male/Fem #1/Fem #2, 3-way, criss-cross jump, simultaneously, over a canyon.
  4. Fem #1/Male, side-by-side, over a canyon, simultaneously. Width: same as above. Distance: F#1-94’, M-102’.
  5. Fem #1/Fem #2/Male, 3-way, criss-cross jump simultaneously, over a helicopter on the ground with pilot present, blades spinning. Distances: F#1-110’, F#2-117’, M-109’.
  6. Fem #1/Male, criss-cross, simultaneously, over a helicopter on the ground with blades spinning (unmanned). Distances: F#1-92’’, F#2-117’, M-99’.
  7. Fem#1/Male, side-by-side, over a helicopter on the ground, blades spinning (unmanned).
    Dist: F#1-90’, M-97’.
  8. Fem #1, solo, over a helicopter on ground, blades spinning (unmanned). Dist: 90’
  9. Male, solo, over ‘the blades’ of an “airborne helicopter”. Dist.: 95’.
  10. Fem #1/Male, criss-cross, simultaneously, over ‘the blades’ of an “airborne helicopter”. Dist: F#1-92’, M-99’.
  11. Fem#1/Fem#2/Male, 3-way, simultaneously, criss-cross, over canyon. Dist: F#1-92’, F#2-110’, M-95’. Date 12/20/01.
  12. Fem#1/Male, side-by-side, simultaneously, over ‘the blades of an “airborne helicopter”. Dist.: F#1-115’, M-119’.
  13. Fem #1/Fem #2, side-by-side, simultaneously, over a canyon. Dist: F#1-95’, F#2-113’. Date: 12/20/01.
  14. Fem #1, solo over canyon. Dist: 93’ Date: 12/20/01
  15. Fem #1/Male, criss-cross, simultaneously, over a canyon. Dist: F#1-90’, M-97’. Date 12/20/01.
  16. Most jumps over an “airborne helicopter”: Female-Heidi Henry = 3.
  17. Most jumps over an “airborne helicopter”: Male-“Super Joe” Reed = 5
  18. 5 consecutive jumps, ramp-to-ground, over a canyon 128’ wide. No one else on Earth has jumped this obstacle more than once. Distance World Record 153’ over a canyon.
  19. 153’ over a canyon, no practice jumps, first time off ramp. Record was 152’, set in 1972 by Bob Gill.
  20. Number of ‘world records’ set, within a 24-hour period = 24(+)
  21. First person to jump directly over a (“full-size”) “airborne helicopter”: Male-“Super Joe” Reed, female Heidi Henry. Date 12/20/01.
  22. First person (and youngest) to jump directly over an “airborne helicopter” (‘remote control’) Ryan Brown, age: 10. Date 12/19/01.
  23. Oldest, active, living motorcycle daredevil in history, (performing stunts the size, scope, heights, distances, and speeds) as creative and unique, as “Super Joe” Reed’s career.  Age 53 yrs old.
  24. Most riders jumping motorcycles over 2-“airborne (‘remote control’) helicopters”.
    Number of riders = 5, 1-female/4-males (all males under the age of 14.)




“Super Joe” Reed is the oldest, active, living motorcycle daredevil in history.
"I have a history, of pulling off the impossible. No matter what the obstacle may be." Super Joe Reed

Past Television Appearances (Broadcast)
ABC Television Network -“That's Incredible”!
ABC Network News
ABC Affiliate News-TX
ABC Affiliate News-TX
ABC, NBC, CBS-TX (Stories on movie project)
ABC, NBC, CBS-TX (Stories on movie/T.V. project)
ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN-NV (Worldwide)
Syndicated T.V./worldwide distribution' “Spectacular World of Guinness Records”
CNN, Movieline (‘E'), CNN (Worldwide)
Semi-retired - Worked on designs for a 1280 acre action -adventure theme park/resort, of my own ‘creation'.
ABC, CBS, NBC, WB, UPN News. KLSX radio-'Live' (3-segments) LA
ABC affiliate-LA (2-segments) KLOS radio- ‘Live' (LA)
“Real T.V.” (4-segments)
“Real T.V.” (1-segment) FOX affiliate LA
FOX Network (Worldwide) “When Stunts Go Bad, Part 2”
“Extra” (Worldwide) “E.T.” (Worldwide)
FOX Network - “Guinness World Records, Prime Time” (& '99 “repeat”)
Action T.V.- FOX Family Channel (Worldwide)
Real T.V. (3-stories to date) (Worldwide)
Discovery (Worldwide)
The Learning Channel (Worldwide)
“Life, Camera, Action”-FOX Family Channel (3 segments to date)
Local and Network T.V. stories (news) 12-stories total
“I Dare You” – UPN (Network) February & July
“Real T.V.” – 2 stories, in May & July (4-segments), produced 4 additional stories
Local and network T.V. stories (news) 5-stories so far
“Real T.V.” – 4 stories, in Feb., May, June
“I Dare You” – Telemundo (in Spanish) broadcast in more than 17 countries.
“Ripley's-Believe It or Not” – TBS (Cable network) 2 airings, March & June.
“Guinness World Records, Prime Time” – International distribution, to more than 20 countries.
“When Stunts Go Bad-Part 2” – International Distribution, 20-coutries.
Fox T.V. news, local affiliate, plus national coverage off the wire services. 4-stories aired.
“Good Day L.A.” stories on “24-in-24” World Records. ‘Live' interviews, and taped story material.
KABC (ABC affil. News) on female mx racers, ‘moonlighting' as daredevils.
Orange County Register, plus wire services coverages, on ‘our' “24-in-24” World Records. “Cover Story”.
“Good Day Today” – Nationally syndicated 1-hour version/show of “Good Day L.A.”. Different stories and interviews. All broadcast ‘Live'.
Re-appearances on: Telemundo Networks, + “Real T.V.” Int'l, “Guinness Int'l. distribution.
Cox Communications interview/retrospective. Shown regionally, So. Cal .
N.A.T.P.E. winner of the annual “Pitch Me” competition. 128 entrants (from all over the world), 1-Grand Prize. For ‘new', original program ideas.

Some of SuperJoe's world record titles:

• 1983 A world record breaking motorcycle (M/C) jump over the whirling (steel) blades of full-size helicopters. The previous record was 2 choppers, ramp-to-ramp. Joe accomplished his record jumping ramp-to-ground, (without the aid of a landing ramp), traveling at over 90 miles per hour (m.p.h.), off a custom built 63 ft. long, 14 ft. high 'take-off ramp, Joe cleared 'the blades' of the third helicopter by less than 12 inches. This record (still) stands to this day, for jumping 146 ft. through the air, over these obstacles, ('active' helicopters, lined-up side-by-side).

• 1988 The highest, and farthest motorcycle jump(s) on record. 2-Building-to-building jumps. Again, World
Records are unchallenged to this day. First jump, performed solo, by one of Joe's "Team SuperStunts- 'crime fighting' members, known as  "The Bandit" .  Second jump performing with "The Guardian".

• 1996 The World's first "Blindfolded" (vehicular) motorcycle jump in entertainment history. Jumping at 40 m.p.h., off a take-off ramp 10 feet high, 'Super Joe" flew through the night air, through a ring of fire blindfolded - Guided to the take-off ramp, by a voice through a radio communicator on Joe's helmet. With the 'take-off" ramp only 4 feet wide, ·Super Joe- hit his target, 'dead center as he jumped the 30 foot gap between the ramps blindfolded.

• 1996 An earth ramp-to-earth ramp jump over the whirling blades of Ritter fans (wind machines used
in the motion picture ''Twister''), with one arm tied behind his back.   With the top (protective) cages removed, blades exposed, Super Joe falls short and lands into 'the blades!'... And walks away unhurt! Why? Because he's "Super Joe"!   

• 1998 Breaking the record for the highest motorcycle jump(s). Guinness World Record for the highest building-to-
building jump, performed at night in Downtown Los Angeles, twice.  First performed by Super Joe Reed, then performed my Super Joe's- teammate Jumpin Jamie Pamintuan, the first building-to-building jump, in history, to be performed by a female!

• 1999 Set 'multiple' world records, in one jump. 1 & 2 becoming the only 'father-and-son' team to jump together, ramp-to-ramp ... while "blindfolded.   The youngest (paid) professional daredevil in history. "Super Joey" Reed was 5-years old when he made the jump with his Super Dad.

• 2000 Setting yet another world record, with a new and very dangerous twist to an old standard ... Bungee jumping.   Super Joe- creates and executes "The Bungee Jump from Hell" - Joe attaches a 200 foot long bungee cord to his feet and jumps out of an airborne helicopter.  Estimating/projecting the rebound/recoil distance length of the cord, he performs the jump directly over the whirling blades of another helicopter on the ground.  His head & body coming approximately 20 feet from the blades.   (This is the only time in history the original stunt has been attempted).
Super Joe's protégé, Jumpin' Jamie Pamintuan jumped 2 times.

2001, "Super Joe" Reed, "Jumpin' Jamie" Pamintuan and "Holeshot Heidi" Henry set 24 new world motorcycle jumping records, in less than 24-hours.  These records represent the first and only time that motorcyclist(s) have ever attempted to jump directly over the blades of an airborne helicopter and 3 jumpers flying at one-time, in a crisscross pattern over a Jet Ranger helicopter.

2002 A new short-distance motorcycle jumping record with a ramp-to-ramp jump, 3-foot wide take-off ramp, and a 3-foot wide landing ramp, 'Super Joe' jumps over the landing ramp for a distance of 41 feet, jumping though a ring of fire blindfolded and, with his body set on fire with only a voice through a radio communicator in his helmet giving him directions to the take-off ramp.