Mystical Music Tour

A unique and immersive music experience

Mystical Music Tour is a fun, immersive, live music and song creation experience.   Our VR-360 pilot  travels with MMT musicians from Los Angeles as they escape the COVID 19 Lock-down to create a two part VR-360 series documenting a week long adventure on a Lake Shasta houseboat.  Our first episode for the Black Market Music series features songwriter/keyboardist Michael "Railo" Railton's new song "It's Not Too Late".   Michael has played with artists like Sting, Ozzy Osbourne and General Public.  Our next Black Market Music episode features British songwriter and keyboardist Brian Chatton and his original hit oriented song "Trainwreck Inside".  Brian has played with music legends Phil Collins, Meatloaf, Yes, Keith Emerson, BB King and many more.  We'll also present in the near future VR-360 scenes from our "Lake Havasu Shit Show".
MMT's "Black Market Music" is a unique song creation series at Pangea Studios where talented music producers and studio musicians work with VIP guest songwriters to record their next hit oriented song in a day, right before your eyes.   

Show Producers: J.J. Barmettler, Jane McAllister and Jaime Scher.  Music Director: Jamie Scher.  Pangea Studios owned by Jaime Scher and Jane McAllister.
Mystical Music Tour

Mystical Music Tour: Michael Railo's "It's Not Too Late" DEMO

Mystical Music Tour franchise

Mystical Music Tour has a number of programs centering on original music created and performed by professional music artists. 

MMT in VR-360 Lake Shasta
Mystical Music Tour in VR360

Mystical Music Tour: Lake Shasta (VR-360 trailer)

Black Market Music
Mystical Music Tour 2024
MMT Lake Havasu Shit-show
Musicians and friends arrive for the Havasu Shit Show
Alan Boudin and Jaime Scher for Havasu Shit Show
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