Mystical Music Tour

A unique and immersive music experience for everyone.

Mystical Music Tour is a fun, immersive, live music and song creation experience.   Episode One offers an immersive VR=360 experience as we travel with professional musicians from Los Angeles as they escape the COVID 19 Lockdown, to create a one hour show carved from a week on Lake Shasta.  They enjoy the healing, crystalline waters and create a symphony of universal healing frequencies for the planet to vibe.   Fifteen artists on a triple-decker house boat will help you feel what it's like to be free and happy again. More episodes take us on a road trip to Lake Havasu, AZ for what we're calling the "Lake Havasu Shit Show".   We're also in the works on episodes for Black Market Music, a unique song creation series where Pangea Studio's house band and Producers work with an original song demo from a popular but little known music artist/songwriter and record their hit oriented song in a day, right before your eyes.   

Show Producers: J.J. Barmettler, Jane McAllister and Jaime Scher.  Music Director: Jamie Scher.. Pangea Studios owned by Jaime Scher and Jane McAllister.

Mystical Music Tour: Lake Shasta in VR-360 (360 trailer)
View in 360 with Youtube phone app or use VR Headset.

Mystical Music Tour "It's Not Too Late" (non-360)

Mystical Music Tour franchise

Mystical Music Tour has a number of programs centering on original music created and performed by professional musicians. 

MMT in VR-360 Lake Shasta
Black Market Music
MMT Lake Havasu Shit-show
Musicians and friends arrive for the Havasu Shit Show
Alan Boudin and Jaime Scher for Havasu Shit Show

Mystical Music Tour: Lake Shasta (non-360 trailer)