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Motion Picture and Television Projects currently in development.

Feature Films

“Gidze” low Budget feature film:
(US) English. Format: 4K/UHD, 8K.
Genre: Supernatural Thriller.

copyright Omayacon Pictures 2022



Logline: A Native American couple gambles everything they have to own a Bread and Breakfast lodge in Alaska, only to find their lives in danger from the "Gidze".

Synopsis: A Native American couple gambles everything they own after purchasing a Bread and Breakfast lodge in Alaska. They move their two daughters into a home that quickly become their worst nightmare when Gidze demons threaten their lives. A local Athabascon Shaman rescues the traumatized family after the fearful Preacher and his failed exorcism awakens the Gidze beast imprisoned in a sacred mask.

"Gidze" mood film (not a trailer):

(US) Format: 4K/UHD, 8K.
Genre category: Native American, Supernatural Thriller.
Approx. 93 minutes
Intended rating: PG-13
Demographic – 18-34 male/ female.
Writer: Pius Savage

copyright Omayacon Pictures 2022

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