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Genre: Action/Thriller
100 minutes PG13 or R
Demographic: 18-54 Male
Writers:   Brent Jordan, J.J. Barmettler, J. Dubois.
copyright 2019
contact: jj@newintegrityfilms.com  


Log Line:

An action thriller about a young man’s rise into the ranks of an outlaw motorcycle gang.  When the  woman he falls in love with belongs to the leader of a rival gang, a war ensues that no one can stop. 

Story Synopsis
Cain McLeary is a young man who always wanted to be an outlaw biker. From a little boy watching his mother die of a drug overdose to a lonely and frightened orphan youth, the appeal of being part of a brotherhood that no one would dare mess with was a great one. And no outlaw biker club ever was tougher, bolder, and cooler than Hell’s Highway MC.

But few things in life are as simple as they appear when 27 year old Cain McLeary enters the world of Hell’s Highwaymen MC, he discovers trouble on a whole new scale. Those who he thinks he can trust will betray him. The beautiful woman he falls in love with belongs to the leader of a rival gang - and blood will spill over their love.  The ATF - in its zeal to destroy outlaw biker gangs will create more violence and break their own laws as Agents stoop to illegal measures to achieve their objective.

And when Cain faces the darker side of Hell’s Highway he must make the decision to abandon all that he wanted in life, or take on an even bigger challenge - to risk everything for the woman he loves.  But unless Cain can gain support from fellow bikers and finds a way to win against his enemies - his next ride may be his last.


Mood Film: https://youtu.be/_3wpZSnXco4

For more info contact: jj@newintegrityfilms.com