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"REVENGE" (aka "Fatal Kiss")

Genre: Crime/Horror/Thriller
Demographic: 18-34 Male/Female
Writer:   Cassady Dixon, J.J. Barmettler
copyright 2012
contact: jj@newintegrityfilms.com  

Female lead character, all male supporting cast


A mild manner woman transforms herself into a ruthless killing machine in order to avenge her father's murder.

Story Synopsis:
Misha Davis is a bookish twenty-something woman who passes her days helping out her father Jeremy in his chemical research laboratory. She is conflicted because the lab is in line for a large government contract for a lethal toxin that Jeremy has created.  Misha is against this, but her father needs the money to square off gambling debts to local gangster Rico Fuentes.  When Jeremy doesn’t pay up quickly enough, Rico murders him and leaves Misha for dead.  Through his political connections, Rico is able to get off in court, a verdict that so enrages Misha that she attacks Rico and his lawyer in the court room.  Misha finds herself in a mental hospital for a year.

When she gets out,  Misha re-enters the real world with a thirst for vengeance.
One-by-one, she works her way up Rico’s food chain, knocking off the five men sent to murder her father.  She does this by masquerading as different seductive characters and preying on their fetishes and weaknesses.   She coldly kills each of them with a deadly kiss, using her father’s lethal toxin applied to the lipstick.   As Misha turns into a killer, she ironically gains a confidence in herself that she had never known before.

Still, her bloody path takes its toll. Soon, Misha is so lost in the maze of her own violence that she begins to forget right and wrong. This not only threatens her own well being, but also a burgeoning romance with the detective who is working her father’s murder case against Rico Fuentes.

All of these elements collide in a big, final ambush Misha stages against Rico Fuentes and his political fat cat friends at Rico’s lavish casino. The bullets fly, hidden allegiances are revealed and in the end Misha pummels her way to victory. She is fully re-born, a clandestine crime fighter of the night, with a fatal kiss.

For more info contact: jj@newintegrityfilms.com