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Motion Picture, Streaming/TV and Digital
Projects in Development

Feature Films

"Cherokee Rose" (historical-war-drama) (PG13 / R)
synopsis & mood film

"GIDZE" (Native American supernatural thriller) (PG-13)
synopsis & mood film

"Highway to Hell" (action-crime) (R)
(aka American Iron)
synopsis & mood film link

"Recondo" (action-war) (R)
Feature adaptation of book & documentary.
Recondo transmedia franchise.

"Good Cop Bad Cop" (action-comedy) (PG-13)

"Paradox" (action-thriller-sci-fi) (PG-13)

"All Lizzys Must Die" (action- sci-fi) (PG-13)

"Midnite Man" (adventure-family- 4 Quadrant) (G)

"Scorch" (sci-fi thriller) (PG-13)

"Revenge" (action-thriller) (PG-13 / R) synopsis

Feature Documentary:

"Recon Commando: Vietnam" (trailer)

for private screeners contact: jj@newintegrityfilms.com


Eye & the Oracle: Season One

Season Two in development.

Reality-Doc Television Special:

Super Joe: Do or Die (sizzle)

Anatoly: Russian Phenomenon (sizzle)


Franchise Development:

"Alien Secrets Transmedia Franchise in VR360": https://youtu.be/vrEfG7ORiNQ

For more info contact: jj@newintegrityfilms.com