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New Integrity Films is a privately held company owned and operated by film Producer Joseph “J.J” Barmettler. The company has been in operation since 2001 and primarily serves as the entity for Mr. Barmettler’s film development, intellectual properties, web domains and freelance producing-directing contracts. Joseph is professional filmmaker with experience in feature films and documentary television programs. Feature and scripted TV credits include Producer of the sports drama "Beach Kings” released by MGM, and Supervising Writer, Producer and Director of the TNT action/comedy series, “L.A. HEAT” starring Steven William, Wolf Larsen and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Joseph Barmettler's demo site: www.jjbarmettler.com


Mr. Barmettler’s extensive screenwriting credits include the HBO World premiere of “RAGE”, the Universal Music & Home Video DVD releases of the “SILENCERS” and urban action thriller “RIOT“. Joseph Produced and Directed the feature “ALIEN SECRETS” distributed by Warner Home Entertainment. Television Producing/Directing credits include doc specials and series for cable networks including "One Percenters" for Bio Channel, "Hell on the Highway" for Nat Geo, “Adoption Stories” for Discovery Health and “Making It Home: Greensburg” for TLC. Imdb.com listing

J.J. Barmettler's Filmography credits

MGM trailer for "Beach Kings" (Producer)
Movie Demo Remix (Writer, Producer or Director)
"L.A. Heat" Series Highlights (Writer/Producer) Doc-TV Demo Remix" (Producer-Director)