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New Integrity Films is a privately held company owned and operated by film Producer Joseph “J.J” Barmettler. The company has been in operation since 2001 and primarily serves as the entity for Mr. Barmettler’s film development, intellectual properties, web domains and freelance producing-directing contracts. Joseph is professional filmmaker with experience in feature films and documentary television programs. Feature and scripted TV credits include Producer of the sports drama "Beach Kings” released by MGM; Supervising Writer, Producer and Director of the TNT action/comedy series, “L.A. HEAT” starring Steven William, Wolf Larsen and Sugar Ray Leonard; and Producer-Director-Writer of "Alien Secrets" a quirky indie comedy distributed by Warner Home Entertainment.

New Integrity Films

An independent Intellectual Property company that develops and produces feature films, television, VOD and Special Interest Content.

New Integrity Films presents:
New Immersive Experiences

Some of New Integrity Films content for 2023 include the music creation series "Mystical Music Tour in VR360", feature documentary "Recon Commando", award winning short series "Eye & the Oracle" and the short form immersive web series "Sedona VR36o".

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Current Content

New Integrity Films media content for 2024 both completed and in development.
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Mystical Music Tour
Mystical Music Tour

"Mystical Music Tour"

A unique and immersive music experience for everyone.
Co-production with Pangea Production.

Mystical Music Tour is a fun, immersive, live music documentary experience filmed in Virtual Reality 360 (VR-360).  This unique episode special offers an immersive VR-360 experience with charismatic musicians from Los Angeles as they escape the COVID- 19 lockdown for a week and create music on a Lake Shasta houseboat. Website link:

Black Market Music

Mystical Music Tour is also in the works on episodes for the follow-doc song creation series titled "Black Market Music",  It's an exciting 30 minute show where our producers, house band and guest music artists create and record an original hit-oriented song in a day,  Website link:

Recon Commando
Recon Commando

"Recon Commando" is an action packed feature length documentary narrated by U.S. Army Reconnaissance Commando (Recondo) David Barmettler during the height of the Vietnam War (1967). This Specialist 5 Recondo in the 101st Airborne makes a moving and heart wrenching audio tape letter home to his family for Christmas. His chilling tales of enemy engagement, near death experiences and gut emotion often reveal an unbreakable bond with his men nick-named "The Dirty Dozen". His stories and mindful perspective on the war allows the audience to experience a Soldier's calm during a conflicted period of U.S. history. Experience the horrors these Recon Commandos endured in the Vietnam jungles as they engage the relentless North Vietnamese military forces. This film was produced and edited by Joseph "J.J." Barmettler. It uses the actual analog audio recording from 1967 and fifty five year old DASPO stills and film footage from the Vietnam War that brings these lost souls back to life.  Website link:

Eye & the Oracle
Eye and the Oracle 5_JJ credit

"Eye & the Oracle" is a web series of unique consciousness and life affirming programs independently produced for all audiences. Centuries old wisdom and teachings have been carefully integrated into eleven esoteric short videos. 
Festival awards include for Best Web-Series:

1. Madrid Arthouse Film Festival 2021 Semi Finalist

2. Sacramento World Film Festival 2021 Award Winner

3. California Indies 2021 Official Selection

4. Niagra Falls International Short Festival 2021 Semi Finalist

5. Best Shorts Competition 2021 Award Winner

6. The IndieFEST Film Awards 2020 Award Winner

7. The Esoteric International Film Festival 2020 Official Selection

8. Los Angeles Film Awards 2020 Award Winner.

A.I. Fine Art
SOTU: Secrets of the Universe
Museum display example 3
Innocene Lost_Exhibition proposed 1_web

"3to4 Design"

Original fine art, digital oil paintings, large format.   Various fine art print sizes for retail.  2024-2025 Exhibits include:  "Secrets of the Universe" and "Innocence Lost in the Modern Era" from artist J.J. Barmettler.  See more artwork and info  

Sedona VR-360

"Sedona VR-360"
Filmed on location in Virtual Reality 360.
While we recognize that it is of course better to be at the Sedona vortex location in person, it's not always possible to travel to Sedona. For those who are not able to get there, or simply are not up for the physical challenges, these Sedona VR-360 videos have the potential to help you immerse yourself in a visceral vortex energy experience. Film and TV Producer J.J. Barmettler created these videos with the intention of sharing a unique Sedona vortex experience with audiences that enjoy meditation and a holistic lifestyle. If you're not able to be there in person, you can attempt to connect and reactivate your past, present or future vortex experience in this virtual reality web series.  Everyone's immersive experience is different in VR-360!
Website link:


"AEVUM Band"

"Aevum" is the temporal mode of Being experienced by Angels, Saints and Celestial Bodies.  "A unique and immersive transformational music experience".   AEVUM graphics and characterizations augmented with A.I.
Original hit-oriented songs by Henry Iglesias, Anna Trevino, Robby Longley, Mumbo Gumbo and more.
  From the Alien Secrets motion picture soundtrack.  Produced by J.J. Barmettler and Brandon Scott.  AEVUM Band USA website:

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Native American theme
Cherokee Rose
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H2H (aka American Iron)


Doc TV-Live Event
UFO Extreme
Super Joe
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