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"Eye & the Oracle" digital web-series

Genre: Special Interest, metaphyical, self-help.
11 Episodes 45 minutes (G Rating)
Target Demographic: 18-54 Female
contact: jj@eyeandtheoracle.com
website: http://eyeandtheoracle.com


Eye & the Oracle web-series

Log Line:

Optimize your human experience with the "Eye and the Oracle" web series. 

Story Synopsis

A progressive, life-Affirming web series for manifestation, change and optimizing your human experience. Season 1 has 11 episodes. (coming in 2020).

Web-series Promo: https://youtu.be/Ucp0zft9YvA

Web-series Trailer (30 sec):  https://youtu.be/KVnTJOfgDOI