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"Cherokee Rose
(aka "Cherokee Nation", "Dragging Canoe")

Genre: Historical/War/Action/Drama
Based on the book and screenplay.
120-160 minutes PG13 or R (for violence)
Demographic: 18-54 Male/Female
Writer:   Pius Savage, Joseph Barmettler
copyright 2019
contact: jj@newintegrityfilms.com  

Cherokee Rose

Log Line:

Dragging Canoe (Tsiyu Gansini) (1738-1792) a Cherokee war chief, leads a band of disaffected Cherokee (Chickamauga) against Colonists and United States settlers in the Upper South and unites a Native front against Westward colonization.

Story Synopsis
An epic war biography about the hardships and tragedies the Cherokee nation endured during the birth of the United States from the mid to late1700's.   Told from the perspective of the legendary Cherokee Warrior Dragging Canoe (Tsiyu Gansini), our story opens in 1754 during the French and Indian War when a young (22 years old) George Washington, now a Colonel fighting for the British Army, witnesses the crude guerilla fighting tactics of a handful of Cherokee Indians during a battle that defeats the French. Washington requests that British General Braddock recruit the Cherokee Indians and their fighting skills to help them battle the French for control of America's territory.   Desperate, Governor Lyttelton dispatches John Stuart to recruit Cherokee Chief Little Carpenter (Attakullakulla), to dispatch warriors for their cause, in exchange for arms, goods and protection from enemies.   Little Carpenter agrees to help and dispatches his son, Dragging Canoe, a young and powerful warrior to lead their Braves into battle.   Dragging Canoe fights side-by-side with George Washington, leading the British to final victory against the French.    As a result of winning the French-Indian War, more Europeans arrive in ships, and thus more land is needed, pushing back many Indian tribes from their sacred lands.  Indian political life is quickly fraying and the influence of European goods and patronage causes social disruption and conflict within tribes.  While many Native Americans sided with the British, some fought for the Patriots.  The Indians often found themselves stuck in the middle of warring factions, forced to choose sides. 

When Little Carpenter and the Cherokee Chiefs vote to ally with the British in the American Revolution, Dragging Canoe is at the head of many major attacks.  After the Colonial Militias counter attack destroys the Cherokee Middle, Valley, and Lower Towns, Dragging Canoe's father and Chief Oconostota lobby for peace between nations. In a front to repel encroaching white-men on Indian lands, Dragging Canoe unites other Indian tribes like the Upper Muskogee, Chickasaw and Shawnee in a series of conflicts against the American Colonists.   As more and more Settlers encroached on Cherokee lands, Cherokee warriors increase attacks against them fighting desperately to save their land.  Dragging Canoe, as the war chief, is angry and wishes to kill all of the Settlers and Colonists invading their lands; but his cousin Nanye-hi’ does everything in her power to convince him that the Cherokee must stop the violence in order to prevent the inevitable retaliation.  A sweeping and violent story of the Native Indian's fight against civilization for their survival.  Dragging Canoe became the preeminent war leader among the Indians of his time. He served as war chief of the Chickamauga Cherokee from 1777 until his death in 1792.  The bravery of the Cherokees and many Native American Indian tribes set a standard for guerilla warfare in America.

Mood Film: https://vimeo.com/379838264

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